The Secret Sauce

At our offices in Reykjavik, a collective of creative people join forces to think up and realize your next big thing.

Meet the team

Arnar Már Eyfells
Hlynur Hólm Hauksson
Production Manager
Ingileif Friðriksdóttir
Hrafn Jónsson
TV Development
Rakel Matthea Dofradóttir
Art Director
Sindri Jóhannsson
Sigríður Þóra Ásgeirsdóttir
Tómas Welding
DOP & Editor

The Ketchup Story

Ketchup Creative was founded in January 2018 with the mission to become the first ad agency that didn't make ads. This fun paradox was inspired by emerging trends, as the next generation of buyers, readers and viewers seemed to avoid traditional ads at any cost.

In staying true to our original mission, we grew up to become the branded entertainment company. Creating entertaining original content for social, web and television.

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