WOW air - 2018

Travel Guide

"The Best Summer Job Ever"

The Launch

It all began with one social media post. "We are now accepting applications for a 3 month paid summer job, where you will move to Iceland and travel the world with your best friend. Your mission will be to explore some of WOW Air’s 38 destinations and document your travels to create a complete digital Travel Guide." Then the internet took over.

The Buzz

With 3.3 Billion Impressions on 562 top-tier media outlets, news of the Travel Guide campaign introduced the airline to a huge new worldwide audience.

Coverage from the likes of CNBC, ABC, Fox News, Forbes, Vanity Fair, MTV, Cosmopolitan and Business Insider helped fuel a 50% increase in Google Search for the term 'WOW air' in the first week.

The Results

3.3 Billion Impressions on 562 top-tier media outlets

Ketchup Creative's Viral Recipe

Made with the Secret Sauce

Create a story people want to be apart of

One of the best ways to get people engaged in a social media campaign, is to give them an excuse to do what they actually want to do. Travel Guide was inspired by the fact that "travel influencer" was reportedly the target demographic's dream job.


Reach out to the
right reporters

We worked with WOW air's PR team to reach
out to the right reporters at the right outlets
to start the compounding coverage needed.
Stories were published, the news began to spread.

Blow the flame, answer every single question.

To go viral as a brand with a marketing stunt, one story simply won't cut it. You have to think of your campaign as a platform for multiple smaller stories.


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